Five Sites for Cheaper Flight Prices



Airfare Prices can be way up there. Here are five sites (curtesy of PC Mag) that can help you find a way to travel for less.

1. Booking Buddy
BookingBuddy takes some (not all) of the hassle out of searching the various travel sites for the best fare. Enter your travel details, and BookingBuddy will point you to the different travel sites to find the best deal. I wish it would search them for me and gather the results instead of just redirecting me to them, but at least BookingBuddy saves you from having to enter your travel info nine times on nine different sites.

2. Farecast

Airline tickets are like stocks: the prices fluctuate all the time, seemingly for no reason at all, making it hard to know when to buy. Farecast helps you know what your odds are of getting a good deal. The site is a fare aggregator similar to Kayak, but it includes useful fare predictions (as opposed to Kayak’s fare history, which Farecast also has) that guess at what the price fluctuations ought to be in the coming days and weeks. It even rates tickets as “Buy” or “Wait” and tells you how volatile the ticket price is.

3. InsideTrip

InsideTrip adds user ratings to the familiar aggregated ticket search formula. Users rate the comfort, speed, and “ease” of flights, and those ratings are added to InsideTrip’s search results. Also, you can set priorities using the TripQuality Dashboard; is legroom more important to you than a good on-time percentage? Do you prefer non-stop flights? Newer planes? Customize your results and find the perfect match.

4. Mobissimo

Mobissimo does the same kind of fare aggregation as Kayak and Farecast, but it puts a “fun” Web-2.0 skin on it. The site doesn’t have all the robust features of Kayak and Farecast, but it does have an AJAX UI that lets you move modules around, a scattershot travel blog, and Flickr, weather, and currency-converter widgets.

5. SeatGuru

Before selecting your seat on the plane, be sure to visit so you know you’re picking the best one. The site has seating plans for all the major airlines and plane types, and let you know which seats have the most legroom, nearby power outlets, or seatbacks that don’t recline.

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