Best Gelato in Venice


Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, derived from the Latin word “gelātus”. Gelato is made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees.


1) Boutique del Gelato- 

Most Venetians agree that some of the city’s best gelato is served in this tiny outlet on busy salizzada San Lio. Be prepared to be patient though, because there’s always a huge crowd waiting to be served. See it as quality assurance – it’s worth the wait.


Castello 5727,
salizzada San Lio

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Rialto

Telephone 041 522 3283

2) Alaska Gelateria-Sorbetteria- 

Carlo Pistacchi is passionate about making ice-cream and experimenting with new flavours using only the freshest natural ingredients. Stick to tried and true choices such as hazelnut or yoghurt, or branch out to sample seasonally changing exotic flavours, such as artichoke, fennel, asparagus or ginger. Multiple visits are in order, not only to experience a variety of flavours but also fully to enjoy the antics of AS Roma-supporter Carlo.


Santa Croce 1159,
calle larga dei Bari

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Riva de Biasio

Telephone 041 715 211

3) Gelateria Lo Squero- 

Simone Sambo makes some of the finest ice-cream in Venice. He’s hard-pressed to pinpoint a favourite flavour, but can happily rattle off those in in his current repertoire – which always depends on the freshest ingredients available. His mousse series (blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and hazelnut, among others) is so light and creamy, it’s served in a waffle cone so it doesn’t fly away.


Dorsoduro 989-90,
fondamenta Nani

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Accademia or Zattere

Telephone mobile 347 269 7921

 4) Grom-

Founded in Turin and spreading as far as New York, the Grom gelato empire has now reached Venice, serving their trademark ice-cream made with high-quality ingredients such as sfusato lemon from Amalfi, tonda gentile hazelnut from Lombardy, and pistachios from Bronte in Sicily. Note, though, that at €2.50 a scoop, the price is almost double that of any other gelateria in town.


Dorsoduro 2761,
campo San Barnaba

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Ca’ Rezzonico

Telephone 041 099 1751



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